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In addition to our own curated collection, LPC is proud to partner with Montana’s leading cannabis partners to provide you with the highest quality, best-in-class products and strains. From flowers, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more – LPC is the best source. Check out our partners below or stop by your favorite LPC location and talk to our team of specialists about our signature cannabis products!

We are a small legacy farm based out of Bozeman with over 20 years cultivating and extracting organic cannabis. Our mature living soil beds, help steer the plants to produce flower unique to our farm. Through fertile soil, cannabis can achieve a true expression, translating into richer aromas and tastes. We feel solventless hash making best honors those expressions and harnesses the full potential of a garden grown with intention. This is the essence of single source solventless hash and we hope to share it with Montana. Visit Cold Smoke Organics website to learn more.
Flower grown in organic living soil: Collective Elevation is Montana’s largest and most accomplished living soil cannabis grow. We use classic methods with today’s technology. Visit Collective Elevation’s website to learn more.

At Dancing Goat Gardens, we take pride in our outdoor cannabis and sustainable cultivation practices using regenerative agriculture. These practices result in superb marijuana flower and a happier Montana environment.

100 percent premium cannabis, no solvents or chemicals.The Groove Solventless clean extraction methods accentuate the flavor, aroma and effects of the individual strain genetics, creating a unique flavor-packed and terpene-rich consumption experience without using chemicals or additives. Visit Groove’s website to learn more.
After being overexposed to too many subpar CBD and THC products, Ben Miller and Mike Zens co-founded High Road Edibles—a CBD and THC company based on their belief in high-quality, natural remedies. And when it comes to personal wellness, you should be able to access the form you prefer. Visit High Road Edible’s website to learn more.
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In The Trees provides only the finest organic high quality Living Soil Cannabis in Montana. Let the Good Times Grow.

Visit In the Trees Industry’s website to learn more.

At Montana Kush our philosophy is that there’s only one way to grow, which is through 100% natural cultivation. We care about the medicinal quality of our plants above all else. We’ve found the best way to maximize the medicinal properties of cannabis is to keep grow rooms small so that each plant gets the individual attention it needs. We’ve always prioritized quality above all else, and that will never change.

Visit Montana Kush’s website to learn more.

Spark1 is setting a new industry standard for large-scale cannabis grows in Montana, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and precision.

Visit Spark1’s website to learn more.

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No shortcuts. No compromising on quality. No stale corporate concepts. Just authenticity, creativity, and flavor. This approach earned Tasty Waves the People’s Choice Award for Best Hash Rosin at the 2022 Montana State Providers Cup, and has made us the top choice for small-batch, single-source, solventless hash rosin in the Big Sky. Catch the wave!

The Clear™ is one of the world’s first commercially produced cannabis brands. Founded in 2013 by a team of scientists who reinvented the cannabis industry by introducing molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market, the award-winning cannabis brand prioritizes product consistency, proprietary formulations, product safety and consumer experience — regardless of state.

Visit The Clear’s website to learn more.

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Wana’s mission is to enhance people’s lives by unlocking the full potential of the cannabis plant. That means using only the highest quality ingredients, investing in cutting-edge innovation, and giving back to all the communities we serve.

Visit Wana’s website to learn more.

Shovels Brands was designed around the idea that there will always be a place in the industry for straightforward, dependable folks that take pride in their work. Our intention is to work with a select few deliberately chosen strains to optimize the nuances of each. Our cultivation approach is a blend of hands-on and technological efficiency informed by nearly two decades of cannabis cultivation experience. Although we are barely a year into our journey we have already established a reputation as a provider of standout flower and prerolls backed up by great customer service.