Partner Brands


In addition to our own curated collection, LPC is proud to partner with Montana’s leading cannabis partners to provide you with the highest quality, best-in-class products and strains. From flowers, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more – LPC is the best source. Check out our partners below or stop by your favorite LPC location and talk to our team of specialists about our signature cannabis products!

Sacred Sun Farms Logo

LPC is stoked to offer a variety of products from Sacred Sun Farms – the first dispensary and farm in Montana to become Clean Green Certified®. By utilizing Korean Natural Farming techniques to grow “Organic” cannabis, Sacred Sun eliminates the use of pesticides or chemicals and instead relies on the natural efforts of the insects and ecosystem surrounding.

Meet Bloom! When it comes to locally sourced, high quality cannabis, Bloom’s got you covered. If you’ve been with us for a while now, you are probably aware of how popular these strains are. Everything by Bloom is locally owned, grown, and tested here in Montana with the goal of bringing premium alternative medicinal options to their very happy customers.

High Road Edibles Logo

We are excited to add High Road Edibles to our rockstar lineup. Tired of searching for delicious, effective medical or recreational marijuana edibles in Montana? Twenty years of cooking in award-winning kitchens gave these founders the backgrounds they needed to craft a better edible – and a better experience. Dosed and flavored to perfection, it’s hard to beat these bites.

Groove Solventless Logo

Groove specializes in 100% premium cannabis products with no added chemicals or solvents. Through new age techniques like flash freezing and ice water extraction, Groove is able to produce high quality, cleaner cannabis strains. These extraction methods accentuate the flavor, aroma and effects of the individual strain genetics, while creating a unique flavor-packed and terpene-rich consumption experience without using additives.