About LPC

How it Began

The Vision

When Charlie Gaillard founded Lone Peak Cannabis Co. in 2010, he was already aware of the life changing effects access to medical marijuana has to those who need it—he wanted to bring the same relief to those with debilitating ailments that he had experienced as a teenager.

With a high-quality, 100% organic medical product as the foundation for their vision, LPC has since been providing marijuana products to the Big Sky community through a growing process that mimics what the Earth already provides naturally. Their state-of-the-art greenhouse facility imitates outdoor growing conditions year-round with an eye toward sustainability.

From Beneath a Giant

Our Philosophy

"Our organic, hand grown and cultivated process at 6000' in Montana creates a superior product that our clients regard."
Owner of LPC

We hit the ground running adopting a True Living Organics growing method. Later, we started producing our own concentrate using CO2 extraction. Tacking on a line of edibles and other products, we’ve evolved to produce everything under the sun. Starting with a single shop under the shadow of Lone Peak in southwest Montana, we now have five locations to provide you the best care and cannabis possible.

Our goal at LPC is to match your needs – whether it’s medicinal or recreational, buzzed or relaxed, gummies or flower. Our in shop experts guide you through our organic menu to ensure that you find exactly what you want at LPC.

True Living Organics


Hand gently holding rich soil for his marijuana plants


We started by adopting the True Living Organics method – growing in real, living soil incorporating waste plant material from past harvests for a unified cycle beginning to end. We’ve expanded since then, but the heart of our lineup still focuses on this technique.
Cannabis concentrate diamonds and juice on dabbing tool on black background


From full-spectrum CO₂ oil to sauce, sugar wax, live resin, shatter, and others we’ve got what you’re looking for. Free from adulterants, you can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you pay for – clean, pure concentrate


From a regular line of dependable cornerstone items such as cookies, caramels, and lozenges, to experimental new products dreamt up by our patients and employees, there’s always something for you.